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About Us
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Tactical Hazmat & Consulting Ltd. is a Canadian company and was formed in 2019, our lead instructor and senior consultant is Brent C Bakke who is an accredited Hazmat Technician/Specialist and Instructor with over 25 years of Emergency Response including, FIRE-EMS, Hazmat Response, and Law Enforcement (Auxiliary RCMP-Rural).

Brent received this career education from The Alberta Fire Training Center (Lakeland College), Justice Institute of British Columbia, SERTC (ERTC) Pueblo, Colorado and the Mississippi State Fire Academy and has been in career Hazmat for the last 17 years.

During his Hazmat career Brent was a key part of many large-scale hazmat incidents including, large evacuations, large fires involving Hazmat, train derailments, and being seconded by a regulatory agency to a proprietary Fire-Hazmat site. A career highlight was terminating a large volume, leaking, toxic chemical incident allowing the Royal Family to attend a scheduled disaster site tour.



Through education bring awareness to a significant knowledge and safety disconnect between First Responders, Industry, Hazmat Contractors and Environmental Contractors relating to Hazmat training and response capabilities.

To offer a higher level of Hazmat understanding relating to a Hazmat response through education.

To work with and support the indigenous community by offering the same level of education and training as offered to other communities. 



  • Emergency Response

  • Incident Response

  • Hazmat Assessments

  • Hazmat Operations Assessments

  • Clandestine Drug Lab Response

  • Training Exercises

  • Hazmat Response Unit Design

  • Insurance Invoice Auditing

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